TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD disorders include a wide range of symptoms that involve pain or trouble using muscles in the jaw. TMD or TMJ are umbrella terms for several types of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Most symptoms of TMD go away on their own without treatment or with simple at home remedies. However, for serious and long-lasting symptoms of TMD or TMJ, a dental professional at RICHMOND DENTAL can pinpoint the cause of the dysfunction and recommend appropriate dental treatments for the disorder. We offer the best in class TMJ/TMD treatment in SW, Calgary, ensuring complete dental care an treatment.

Symptoms of TMD

You may experience unpleasant symptoms associated with TMD. Some of these symptoms may include:

  • Pain in the muscles that are used for chewing.
  • Sounds, such as popping or clicking as well as continuous grinding noises.
  • A limited range of motion when opening the mouth.
  • Jaws catching or locking when you attempt to do simple tasks such as speaking or eating.

If you are experiencing any of the outlined symptoms, speak with your Richmond Dental dentist in Calgary so that they can accurately diagnose your disorder. Since symptoms and their causes vary greatly, an accurate diagnosis of TMJ or TMD is necessary to correctly treat the issue. Fill in an online form to book an appointment with dentist for TMJ/TMD treatment, SW, Calgary.

Relieve TMD Symptoms

The pain or discomfort that you are experiencing can be helped by doing a few simple things at home. Dentists recommend these remedies for symptoms of TMD or TMJ that are temporary or not severe.

Eat foods with a softer texture. You should want to minimize the amount of chewing that is done while eating so that your jaw is not put through so much strain. It is important that the jaw gets appropriate rest during this time. Some good foods to eat are mashed potatoes, yogurt, soup, scrambled eggs, and other foods that do not require a lot of movement.

Using ice packs and alternating between hot and cold in the affected area may also help alleviate symptoms. Try to make sure that the heat applied is moist heat, as a dry heat can make symptoms worse. Applying heat to the side of the face helps the jaw relax and loosens tight muscles.

Speak with a dental professional in Calgary if you are concerned about any TMD/TMJ symptoms you are experiencing. Book your appointment with a dentist at Richmond Dental