Family Dentistry

Trusted Family Dentist in Calgary

The dentists at Richmond Dental clearly understand how time-consuming a family’s schedule can be, and how different it is for each family. However, they are highly skilled and licensed to take care of you and your family’s dental needs. Working with a family dentist like Richmond Dental is a stress-free experience because you can keep up with your appointments, and most importantly do not spend hours in traffic every time for a check-up or cleaning. When it comes to choosing the right family dentist in Calgary, you cannot go wrong with Richmond Dental. From infants to adults, we provide a comprehensive range of dental services to every age. We strive toward providing our patients with the best service to help them meet their oral goals. We use the latest dental technology to undertake various oral treatments and procedures. For more details or to schedule an initial consultation, please get in touch.

Personalized and honest service

We aim to provide patients with a service that is personalized, honest and ethical. Through our excellent work, we build lasting relationships making sure they achieve excellent dental care that is effective and competitively priced. Our expertise like in general or preventative dentistry. This is a common type of dentistry families can benefit from. Our staff will conduct a routine check-up to identify issues and resolve them quickly before it escalates into something severe making you break the bank with costly procedures. If you are looking for a family dentist in Calgary that can address a wide range of dental problems, call Richmond Dental today for more information. From removing plaque to general dentistry and much more, we do it all. You can rest assured; that your nerves will disappear when you set foot into our clinic.

First-class dental services for children

As a family dentist in Calgary, Richmond Dental offers a range of specialized dental treatments for children that will make them want to visit the dentist on the regular, instead of avoiding them. From cleaning to fillings we do it all. Additionally, our dentists will also offer expert advice on how to maintain proper dental habits and oral hygiene that will benefit them.

Our comprehensive family dental services

We offer a complete range of family dental services that are designed to suit patients of all ages and backgrounds. Below-mentioned is some of the dental services we specialize in:

Passionate about family dentistry

At Richmond Dental, we are passionate about family dentistry by helping them with their dental health and education, ensuring they do just have a great smile all year round, but also know how to maintain their oral health. We always welcome new families to our clinic. Every time a family walks into our clinic, we make sure they are relaxed, including the children as well, while delivering first-class care. We value every patient’s needs and offer treatments and procedures to help them make a well-informed decision. Family dentistry encompasses a whole list of dental services. We offer patients a clear understanding of the services we offer during our initial consultation. To find out more about our family dental service, please speak to our staff today.

Making it comfortable and educational for children

Sometimes for children, a visit to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience. But at Richmond Dental, our dentists have years of experience working with children. We don’t just carry out treatments and procedures for children ensuring their oral health is well looked after, we also offer advice and educate them on how to maintain their overall oral health. Our dentists can put them at ease and even make a stressful situation calm for both parents and children. You can rest assured; that we use the latest technology to carry out dental procedures and treatments for the entire family. Give our team a call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Hassle-free family appointments

We understand that every individual leads a busy life, which is why we offer streamlined dental appointments for all family members offering them a hassle-free experience. From regular check-ups and fillings to tooth cleaning, we do it all for both adults and children. We even offer same-day appointments to make your life much easier. Our staff is committed to providing top-class dental care for families across Calgary regardless of their age or dental requirements. From treating toddlers to adults and seniors, we specialize in all aspects of family dentistry. Give our team a call today at 403-246-2131 to find out more details or to schedule an appointment. We will be more than happy to address any queries that you may have about our family dentistry services.