All on 4 / Teeth In A Day

All on 4 / Teeth In A Day Dental Implant in Calgary

Need dental implant in the same day in Calgary. ? Get your teeth in the same day. If you are facing the loss of all your teeth or you already have, now is the time to rebuild a new set of teeth and regain your confident smile. Yes I am talking about a new set of teeth that gives you another chance at the smile that you used to have or a brand new smile that you are longing for. I am not talking about a set of dentures that you need to remove when you sleep or to take out to clean every time you eat. I am talking about a set of fixed teeth that makes you feel like you still have your natural teeth, functionally and emotionally. Of course, technology has not made possible to regrow our natural teeth yet, but it has empowered dentists to rebuild artificial teeth with dental implants and prostheses to replace missing teeth. They are not the same as natural teeth but they are very close. The treatment can be done predictably and the result has a high success rate for more than 10 years and can easily last a lifetime for you to enjoy. Imagine eating, drinking and socializing without worry and fear of your old dentures slipping or worse, falling out. Visit us now and Save.

The procedure is divided into 5 stages:

Stage 1: Free Consultation

This visit lasts about 30 mins. Information such as your medical and dental history will be gathered. Brief introduction to the procedure, approximate fees involved, benefits, risks and other options will be discussed with the dentist. After this visit, you will be contacted within a few days by our treatment coordinator for any further questions and concerns.

Stage 2: Treatment planning stage

If you decide that you are interested in learning more about this treatment, you will come in again for 1 hour appointment. Photos of your teeth and your face as well as 2-D and 3-D radiographs (x-ray) will be taken. Impressions of your mouth will also be taken. This information is very important for the dentist to plan the case for you in advance of the surgery day. Detailed fees involved and payment schedule will be discussed with you during this visit. This visit will require a commitment of a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Stage 3: Review of treatment plan

Procedure details and arrangement of future visits will be discussed during this 3rd visit, plus we will show you a virtual image of your new smile. This is very important because you can see all of the possibilities of your new smile before you commit to it! This visit generally lasts about 1 hour and it is no charge to you. After this visit, if you decide to commit to the treatment, you can go through the payment arrangements with our treatment coordinator who will then book you for the big day.

Stage 4: Treatment day

You will spend about 3 -4 hours with us. The dentist will place 4 to 6 implants and give you a new set of fixed teeth that day! You may be sedated during the procedure, either orally (pill form) or intravenously these options are both ‘conscious sedation’. This means you can still respond to commands of the dental team, however you will not feel anxious and may feel oblivious to what is happening around you or going on with you during the procedure. Likely the next day you will not remember the details of the surgery or anything else from surgery day . This visit will require that you fast for at least 3 hours prior to your arrival and you arrange someone to drive you home if you choose the sedation option. Remember the new set of teeth you receive at this stage is only a provisional (temporary). You are going for a “test drive” with this new smile. They are bulkier than the definitive teeth and you may need to take some time to adapt to it in terms of chewing and speaking.

Stage 5: After 4-6 months of trying out the provisional teeth, you will come back for fabrication of the definitive set of teeth. This stage takes about 2-3 visits before you receive your final beautiful smile!

Stage 6: Maintenance

Remember that like your previous natural teeth, this new set of teeth needs regular maintenance. You need to keep them healthy and clean on a daily basis at home and you need to come back to see your dental hygienist and dentist for regular check and maintenance. The frequency of dental hygiene cleaning should be about every 4 months the first year of your receiving this new smile and then every 6 months afterwards for a continual commitment if you plan to keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime! Can you imagine being given another chance to enjoy an attractive smile and chew food with ease again?

Thanks to modern day technology and the refined skills of our dentist Dr Lawrence Lai, who has gone through many years of continuing education for implant dentistry.